Monday, 22 September 2014

1 Million Views AKTPREKTASNOGO '14

EN: I think it seems like a normal thing for me to get sick or be somewhere abroad when in Minsk happening cool events like FSP or CFM. But in any other way I could not miss this event – 1 million views of the blog aktprekrasnogo.
For someone this number may seem insignificant, but not for the blogger with one year experience.
Great number for a future development, isn’t it?
Pauline invited everyone on 19th of September in «FABRIKA" for meeting, chatting and just to share a good mood.
Of course it couldn't happen without champagne, fruits, smiles and joyful greetings.
Once again: Congratulations Pauline and thanks for a good evening! 


  1. Смотрела фотки и плакала: 1 год, 1 миллион. Это же потрясающе. Наверное, любой блогера хотел бы такой стремительный успех!! Потрясающая встреча и фото.


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