Tuesday, 6 October 2015

5 Selfie makeup tips

Let's face it, we all love taking selfies. People afraid to admit it because they think selfies are associated with narcissism, but they are not - they are fun

EN: Nowadays selfies can speak a lot about the internet person. All of us sometimes have problems with taking a good selfie, unless you are a model.
Through mistakes and bad lightning I learned how to take a pretty good selfie with makeup help.
As sharing is caring, I hope my 5 selfie makeup tips can be useful to you. :)

1. Natural lighting is the key
How simply is this? But how big is the difference!

2. Eyebrows
Your eyebrows should be definitely «on fleek» if you want to take a good selfie. Contour your shape, if you found the right one, and just live it. ;)

3. It is all in the cat eyes
You can never go wrong with cat eyes. It can looks good with any outfit and perfect to-go makeup look to any occasions.

4. Rock your lip color
A bright pop of color on the lip is totally grab the followers' attention.

5. Go natural and fearless
No-makeup selfies reveal confidence and honesty, they simply show how we are all pretty much the same. So just own it!

I hope these few tips were helpful somehow to you. What are yours? :)


  1. Great tipps, thanks for sharing! I do not take selfies very often, I´m a sucker with the front camera o.O

    Love, Héloise
    Et Omnia Vanitas

    1. I think practice is the key:) Selfies are fun!


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